"I will compose the most beautiful songs for you" - The personal profiles of Finnish entertainment composers in songs and stories

The choir will organize in Raahesali the concert "I will compose the most beautiful songs for you". This concert is the choir's main event in the celebration of Finland's Centenary year. This concert presents the choral conductor Pauli Ylitalo's drawn up personal repertoire of the songs by Finnish composers and lyricists from the entire period of independence from J. Alfred Tanner until today. Among the masters presented are: Veikko Lavi, Toivo Kärki, Reino Helismaa, Rauno Lehtinen, Kaj Chydenius, Mika Vainio, Juice Leskinen, Veikko Juntunen and Jukka Kuoppamäki. The performance includes community singing better known as a "Sing-along".


2 hr.



Raahesali Ticket sales

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Open Monday - Friday 10 - 17 and one hour before the performance on the day.

Smartum-, Virike- and Tyky vouchers and cards are accepted.

Tickets can be bought online at ticket.raahe.fi. Tickets can be purchased with credit cards and through online banking. Pdf-tickets carry a surcharge of 1.80€